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Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival

Miss Tri-State BBQ & Miss Alabama BBQ Queens

Miss Tri-State BBQ & Miss Alabama BBQ Queens

The Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival & Miss Alabama BBQ Pageants were yesterday at Honey Suckle Middle School in Dothan, Alabama. DeeDee & her team had the pleasure of doing hair & makeup for  several girls competing in the pageant. Congratulations to all of the girls on a job well done. Congratulation to all the special award winners & overall winners. (Results Below)

Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival Pageant is a Scholarship Pageant that partners with the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center to help Abuse Children in our area. The pageant awarded many cash scholarships yesterday to the Queens.

Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival Queens

Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival Queens

Miss Alabama BBQ Queens

Miss Alabama BBQ Queens

The 2014 Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival Queens are a very important part of the Tri-State BBQ Festival, to be held April 11-12. They open the festival, greet teams and spectators as well as play a major part in the Final Awards Ceremony. This is the 9th annual Tri-State BBQ Festival and the 3rd year for the Miss BBQ Queens to proudly represent the festival. The Queens may also have the opportunity to be part of a national television show!!




Vannessa Fuqua

Vannessa Fuqua

Lana Fuqua - 1st RU Junior Miss Tri-State BBQ

Lana Fuqua – 1st RU Junior Miss Tri-State BBQ

“The hair credit definitely goes to DeeDee Morris and her team. Thank you for listening to me and creating a one of a kind, unique, feminine, soft, lady like and a very Lana hair style. I know you received a ton of compliments on Lana’s hair styles and Vanessa’s as well.”

-Veronica Myers-Fuqua




Mary Madden – 1st RU Petite Miss Tri-State

Mary Madden – 1st RU Petite Miss Tri-State



“Thank you so much for the beautiful hair design this past weekend for the BBQ pageant. We looked over the score sheets last night and literally on every page from the judges score sheets it read, “Beautiful Hair”! Mary Madden won 1st runner up, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest smile and the Interview award! Thanks again!”

-Tammy Madden







Hannah Carroll

Hannah Carroll – Teen Miss Tri-State BBQ, photogenic winner, dazzling denim winner, best smile winner, evening gown winner

“Team DeeDee – Thank you so much for always doing fabulous hair & makeup for Hannah! She always looks her best when she comes to you! We love you all!”

-Kim Carroll

Eden Taylor - 3rd RU Miss Tri-State BBQ

Eden Taylor – 3rd RU Miss Tri-State BBQ








Lydia Douglass - Junior Miss Tri-State BBQ

Lydia Douglass – Petite Miss Tri-State BBQ













Results still being confirmed/gathered. If you have any updates please comment below. 

Toddler Miss

  • Toddler Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Makynlei Raye McGuire
  • Toddler Miss Alabama BBQ – Brinlee Tucker
  • 1st Runner Up –Bailey Constable
  • 2nd Runner Up – Bailey Whitaker
  • 3rd Runner Up – Mary Kate Cook
    • Photogenic – Mary Kate Cook
    • Best Smile – Brinlee Tucker
    • Best Hair – Makynlei Raye McGuire
    • Dazzling Denim – Makynlei Raye McGuire
    • Evening Gown – Bailey Constable

Future Little Miss

  • Future Little Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Addison Mock
  • Future Little Miss Alabama BBQ – Jaylin Marie McQuire
  • 1st Runner Up – Addison Plotino
  • 2nd Runner Up – Hayden Harris
    • Photogenic – Mia Ellen William
    • Best Smile – Jaylin Marie McQuire
    • Best Hair – Mia Ellen William
    • Dazzling Denim – Skyla Thomas
    • Evening Gown – Addison Mock

Little Miss

  • Little Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Caelyn Dolar
  • Little Miss Alabama BBQ – Kadyn Odom
  • 1st Runner Up – Lilly Metz
  • 2nd Runner Up – Kennedy Hussy
    • Photogenic – Caelyn Dolar
    • Best Smile – Caelyn Dolar
    • Best Hair – Caelyn Dolar
    • Dazzling Denim – Caelyn Dolar
    • Evening Gown – Caelyn Dolar
    • Interview – Kadyn Odom

Petite Miss

  • Petite Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Lydia Douglass*
  • Petite Miss Alabama BBQ – Summer Waters
  • 1st Runner Up – Mary Elizabeth Madden*
  • 2nd Runner Up – Taylor O’Mary
    • Photogenic – Taylor O’Mary
    • Best Smile – Mary Elizabeth Madden*
    • Best Hair – Mary Elizabeth Madden*
    • Dazzling Denim – Hayley Messer
    • Evening Gown – Summer Waters
    • Interview – Mary Elizabeth Madden* & Vanessa Fuqua (Tie)

Young Junior Miss

  • Young Jr Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Madison Hayes
  • Young Jr Miss Alabama BBQ – Allison Grace
  • 1st Runner Up – Donna Grace Smith
  • 2nd Runner Up – Alyssa Clark
  • 3rd Runner Up – Rebekah wright
    • Photogenic – Madison Hayes, Rebekah wright, Ahshunti Creech, Willow Lewis (4-Way Tie)
    • Best Smile – Madison Hayes & Allison Grace (Tie)
    • Best Hair – Madison Hayes
    • Dazzling Denim – Allison Grace
    • Evening Gown – Madison Hayes
    • Interview – Allison Grace

Junior Miss

  • Jr Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Raine Griffin
  • Jr Miss Alabama BBQ – Cheyenne Bruce
  • 1st Runner Up – Lana Fuqua
  • 2nd Runner Up – Summer Curtis
    • Photogenic – Raine Griffin
    • Best Smile – Raine Griffin
    • Best Hair – Cheyenne Bruce
    • Dazzling Denim – Raine Griffin
    • Evening Gown – Cheyenne Bruce
    • Interview – Cheyenne Bruce

Teen Miss

  • Teen Tri-State BBQ Festival – Hannah Carroll* ($1000 scholarship winner)
  • Teen Miss Alabama BBQ – Shelby Pilcher
  • 1st Runner Up – Leila Collins
  • 2nd Runner Up – ?
  • 3rd Runner Up – Taylor Lee
    • Photogenic – Hannah Carroll*
    • Best Smile – Hannah Carroll*
    • Best Hair – Taylor Lee
    • Dazzling Denim – Hannah Carroll*
    • Evening Gown – Hannah Carroll*
    • Interview – Ashley Hanks* & Taylor Lee


  • Miss Tri-State BBQ Festival – Jessica Bennett ($2000 scholarship winner)
  • Miss Alabama BBQ – Ciera Nicole Pilcher
  • 1st Runner Up – Ansley Shipp
  • 2nd Runner Up – Alexis Blackmon
  • 3rd Runner Up – Eden Taylor*
    • Photogenic – Jessica Bennett
    • Best Smile – Jessica Bennett
    • Best Hair – Jessica Bennett
    • Dazzling Denim – Jessica Bennett
    • Evening Gown – Jessica Bennett
    • Interview – Jessica Bennett

*Hair &/or Makeup by DeeDee

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